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      No one knows tax reform better or gets you more than Block

      Making sense of tax law changes is not new to us. With over 60 years of experience on your side, you can be sure you’re getting every credit, deduction and dollar you deserve.

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      Understanding Tax Reform 2018

      Icon for Income


      Tax brackets & rates have changed for most taxpayers with tax reform changes

      Icon for Deductions


      Many itemized deductions have been eliminated, limited, or modified with tax reform

      Icon for Family


      With the new federal tax law, the child tax credit is doubled to $2,000 through 2025

      Icon for Education


      Most tax benefits remain, but a few changes could affect your tax refund expectations

      Icon for Healthcare


      The healthcare penalty has been eliminated with the new tax law changes, starting in tax year 2019

      Icon for Business


      Eligible self-employed taxpayers can deduct up to 20% of qualified income with the tax reform bill

      How will the tax changes affect me?

      Tax reform 2018—it impacts virtually everyone. Luckily, our tax pros are well-versed in the new federal tax law, and our impact estimator tool can help set your tax refund expectations.

      Tax Reform Calculator

      Block can help you tackle tax reform

      If you're concerned or confused about the impact on your return this year, Block has your back. Count on us for the biggest refund possible, guidance and resources on how the tax changes could affect you, and all the support you need to file confidently.

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      No one gets you more than Block—guaranteed

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      Expert tax tips

      Get actionable advice to better your tax outcome next year

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      Payment assistance

      If you do owe the IRS, we can help set up a payment plan

      Tax Reform ResourcesArticles and News

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      The New Child Tax Credit

      H&R Block analysis: virtually all taxpayers affected by tax reform

      Latest Tax Reform Removes the Affordable Care Act Penalty

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